About Us

   Yuncheng Fengyuan Kechuang Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Yanhu District, Yuncheng, Shanxi. It specializes in the production of barium sulfate and sodium sulfide products. 

   For adapting to the market, the company has engaged in the market R&D on traditional titanium dioxide and precipitated barium sulfate packing for use in ink, paint, coating, engineering plastic, etc. for many years. The company has produced special packings for downstream industries. Meanwhile, our sodium sulfide containing low iron is sold well in North America, India, East Europe and other countries. We also accept special processing according to customers' requirement. 

   Adhering to the enterprise spirit of 'solidarity, progress, integrity, innovation', and the work requirement of 'detail, sustainable', insisting on the operation philosophy of 'customer oriented, development by quality', we consider customers' satisfaction as the primary task of the enterprise. To create profit for customers is our objective and commitment. 

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